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Archive for June, 2011

Become a College Basketball Coach

Saturday, June 18th, 2011

To become a college basketball coach. Not only is the coaching profession in a competitive field to enter, but networking and a good work ethic are also a plus. Decide what level is right for you. Many young people think they want to coach college without knowing much about anything. Getting a college work requires planning, commitment, unity, and a relentless work ethic. Saying they wants to coach in college and has pledged to do whatever, are two different things. This is a very daunting task, and have seen very few in my years actually carry out the plan. Careful research and analysis necessary to determine their route. The best way to achieve this is to talk with coaches in college coaching and advice.

Recognizing its commitment by setting targets. Tell your friends and family of his intention to become a college coach is the first big step. Careful steps to follow to get moving in the right direction. First, find a mentor, someone who actually has worked as a college coach and can share the secrets of the company. Without the guidance of a knowledgeable expert, the chances are virtually nil.

Make a plan and follow up. The third step is to design a plan. This is done by taking the issues and break them into smaller pieces. This step by step the plan should be measurable and time sensitive. If your goal is to become a graduate assistant for a college program in a year, many steps and action plans should be organized in the next 365 days. Each day becomes a small step that leads to their ultimate goal. The persistence will be key for you as you struggle through the doubts and insecurities that go along with the trip.

Essential Accessories for Basketball Fans

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

Basketball fans nowadays need not limit themselves to availing only of caps and jerseys as their sign of loyalty to a certain team because there are already a wide range of accessories that they can get. These items are usually collectible items not only because of their prices but because they represent the all-star series of basketball teams. There is a special item for every special member of your family.

While wristbands and headbands are the normal accessories one could find for a basketball lover, there are now pen sets, watches, pins, socks, school packs, and embroidered leather checkbook covers, even a lei. Hoop fans who love dogs could also buy a dog collar with a logo of their favorite team. Christmases won’t even lack a touch of basketball with a special Santa’s stocking and glass ornament.

If you fancy giving watches to loved ones or even buying one for yourself, there are team or all-star ladies water resistant watches that are either stainless steel or brass with gold tones. Men’s watches come in almost always stainless steel with others sporting a leather band. Even kids are not spared because there are also future star kids watches for girls and boys with colors that would really catch the eyes of your young ones.

Going to school won’t also stop one from showing some basketball team spirit because there are now school packs and pens featuring different team. The usual combo school pack contains 3 portfolio folders, 2 single subject notebooks and 3 memo pad booklets. There is also a pen set that has 3 retractable ballpoint pens in soft-grip and designed in team colors with logos.

Hoop fans who would want to wear team socks could also provide matching ones for their babies because there are also team bootie socks. A matching feeding bottle could even be found.

During Christmas season, one could mix the traditional with the contemporary. You could still hang a Christmas Santa stocking but one bearing a team logo while you deck your Christmas tree with traditional glass ornaments with team logos. The stocking comes in white felt while the glass ornaments come in the traditional Christmas colors of green and red.

Even most dependable mom could be a recipient of a basketball collectible. With her ever busy with balancing the accounts for home, you could thank Mom by giving a leather checkbook cover specially embroidered with a team’s logo.