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Information About Basketball Drills For Beginners

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

One of the most popular sports in the United States, basketball has inspired many to reach for the star status of Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. Basketball stardom requires hours of practice, determination, and drills. Drills are the foundation of learning the sport. Coaches should do this while encouraging the love and learning of the sport. You should always start with basketball drills for beginners.

Basketball drills help the players learn the basics of the game. They help to foster the development of the skills they will need to play. These drills cover such skills as teamwork, dribbling, passing, and lay-ups. They also help the coach to assess the strong points of the players and what position would be right for each player. Here are a few basic basketball coaching drills for beginning basketball players.

Double dribbling is considered a good warm-up drill. It helps to improve the coordination and concentration of the players. This drill requires the dribbling of two basketballs at the same time for five minutes by each player. As each player improves, the difficulty can be increased by having the player concentrate on a distant object while performing the drill.

Speed dribbling is a drill used to increase the speed of the dribbler. This not only moves the player more quickly down the court, but also decreases the chance of the ball being stolen. Players must dribble to the center of the court, bouncing the ball as little as possible. As they perfect this skill, you can increase the difficulty by reducing the number of bounces each time.

The ping pong drill is effective for improving alertness. Players need to be aware of their surroundings at all times on the court. This skill helps to also lessen the chances of the ball being stolen by an opposing player. With this drill, players dribble the ball with their main hand and, at the same time, pass a ping pong ball to each other.

Beginning players do not usually make the plays in the game. During this time, teamwork and passing are skills that should be taught. One drill to teach these skills is called give and go. The players are taught to dribble a couple of steps and pass the ball to an open player. This is repeated with each team member down the court.

In the beginning, lay-ups can be hard for new players. Drills must be given to teach them the proper form and technique. This will give them the confidence and skill they need to do it properly. In this drill, the player stands at the free throw line, dribbles once or twice, takes a step, and then shoots the lay-up.

How to Jump Higher to Dunk a Basketball

Friday, November 27th, 2009

Dunking a basketball has always been the source of awe for the basketball fanatics. However, doing such or attaining such a skill, requires a lot of discipline. That is because to be able to dunk better, the basketball player has to improve and work out his larger muscle group - the legs.


It is very elementary. The knowledge that jumping requires agility and strength of the leg muscle group is a basic and very apparent and logical.

Jumping requires applying force to the feet, and to be able to jump higher, more force is needed.

That is why to be able to jump higher and dunk a basketball better, here are some useful tips that can be of great help to you, the basketball player.

1) Do leg exercises

There are a number of leg exercises. The good thing about it is that these exercises can be done even outside the gym. These exercises can be very simple and can be performed even if you are just standing in the bus terminal, waiting for the next ride.

a. Stand firmly on the ground. Then stand on your toes, down to the ground, and do the procedure repeatedly.

b. Jump up and down. It does not necessarily be higher.

c. Jog round if you have time. Jogging is not just a good leg exercise but also an effective cardiovascular activity.

d. Jump using a jumping rope.

e. Stretch your leg muscles every now and the. It does not only relaxes you but also improve the circulation in that muscle group.

2) Wear the best shoes when playing the game

There are good shoes out in the market nowadays that are very comfortable and ideal for basketball games. Basketball shoes currently are considered necessities in the lives of basketball players.