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Things You Need To Know To Be A Good Basketball Coach

Monday, October 5th, 2009

There is a wealth of information available for the beginning basketball coach, however a lot of it is too advanced for someone who may be just getting started. If you have decided that you want to coach a basketball team you will want to start with the bare minimum and that is to know and understand the essentials of the game and the core concepts. Once you grasp this part of coaching you will be able to get all of the players on the same page and coordinate a game that everyone loves to participate in as well as to watch.

Basic concepts include the obvious, such as having to opposing teams. Although there will be more players on your team, only five are allowed on the playing court at one time. The goal here, although it may seem simple, is to have each team work together to try and get the basketball thrown through the hoop. Sounds easy enough but you have to remember and never underestimate the opposing team’s defense. Getting the ball through the hoop is how points are scored and like most other games, the high scoring teams, wins. Again, sounds fairly simple but now you have to factor in the rules of what is allowed and what is not. This always makes things just a bit tougher.

For example, when the ball is in play, a holding call will be placed on the player by the referee if the ball is held too long. This gives the team a penalty and allows the opposing team to either gain control of the ball or in some cases the referee gives the opposing team what is called a free shot. During the free shot a designated player is allowed to throw the ball without any interference from opposition. The ball has to be thrown from a specified distance as well. Dribbling is a huge part of the game of basketball. Dribbling is the fast short strokes that a player bounces the ball continuously while it is in motion or play. The dribbling also has to occur within a specified area of the playing court at all times or the referee will call the play or the ball out of bounds.

Basketball has been enjoyed in the United States since around 1891. It was developed for the intent of giving rugby players a way to stay in shape during their off season. Back then, rugby was a very popular sport but it did not take long for the country to embrace the game of basketball. Basketball is now an international sport and is recognized by the National Basketball Association (NBA). Basketball is also accepted and enjoyed on a professional level where literally millions of spectators pay for tickets to entertain the sport of basketball.