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Benefits Of Basketball Weight Training

Monday, November 15th, 2010

There are many different benefits to basketball weight training. Most of them have to do with the overall strength that is gained from the exercise habit. This is beneficial for most players because they will be able to perform to a higher level in most cases. Many players do not understand the different benefits of working out in this way in relation to their game.

Doing overhead lifting is usually advisable to increase shoulder strength. The shoulders of a player need to be strong in order to shoot the ball on a consistent basis. If people have appropriate shoulder strength they can take shots from further out and have higher precision. This is beneficial for individuals who are trying to increase their range.

Doing the bench press can usually help a person to practice fully. This is beneficial to the entire team because a player that can overcome often is beneficial to everyone involved. Anyone that does exercises that involve reaching over their head usually will be able to get a higher level of growth compared to normal again.

The average person usually does not realize that they need to do different exercises every day to maximize certain muscle groups. If they do not implement this method of training they will not achieve their overall objectives. This is not beneficial to the team in general because every player needs to be as strong as they possibly can.

It is also a good idea to work with smaller weights so that the repetitions that are being completed have better form. Some people think that lifting heavy weights is the best way to gain strength. This is not necessarily the case. Instead, people should try to work on the lower weights and get their performance correct first.

It is easy to see that there are many benefits to basketball weight training. Most players do not maximize this especially form of exercise to the greatest degree. Instead they focus on endurance and other aspects of playing rather than focusing on physical strength. This can be detrimental in the eyes of most individuals.

How to Jump Higher to Dunk a Basketball

Friday, November 27th, 2009

Dunking a basketball has always been the source of awe for the basketball fanatics. However, doing such or attaining such a skill, requires a lot of discipline. That is because to be able to dunk better, the basketball player has to improve and work out his larger muscle group - the legs.


It is very elementary. The knowledge that jumping requires agility and strength of the leg muscle group is a basic and very apparent and logical.

Jumping requires applying force to the feet, and to be able to jump higher, more force is needed.

That is why to be able to jump higher and dunk a basketball better, here are some useful tips that can be of great help to you, the basketball player.

1) Do leg exercises

There are a number of leg exercises. The good thing about it is that these exercises can be done even outside the gym. These exercises can be very simple and can be performed even if you are just standing in the bus terminal, waiting for the next ride.

a. Stand firmly on the ground. Then stand on your toes, down to the ground, and do the procedure repeatedly.

b. Jump up and down. It does not necessarily be higher.

c. Jog round if you have time. Jogging is not just a good leg exercise but also an effective cardiovascular activity.

d. Jump using a jumping rope.

e. Stretch your leg muscles every now and the. It does not only relaxes you but also improve the circulation in that muscle group.

2) Wear the best shoes when playing the game

There are good shoes out in the market nowadays that are very comfortable and ideal for basketball games. Basketball shoes currently are considered necessities in the lives of basketball players.