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Choosing the Best Basketball Shoes

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

To be skilled at this game, you need to have appropriate accessories with you. One of the most important accessories is a pair of good shoes. Your shoes will determine your move on the court and how you make a shoot. What to look for when you are buying these shoes may be a major dilemma. Read on to find out what are the basic things to consider before buying them.

The first and the foremost concern should be your comfort. You have to keep your feet comfortable while you play. And if this is not the case, very soon you will have to look for another pair of shoes. Do not only go for the style of shoes, make sure it is able to keep your feet comfortable while you walk and run.

The next important thing is the durability of the shoe. No matter what is the type of ground you are playing on, your shoes have to go through a lot. Therefore, select the brand that you can ensure wouldn’t be worn out very soon. Look for good quality material and known brands.

When you select the shoes, look for the height of the shoe. Because ankle injuries are very common to the players, therefore select the shoes that are high enough to protect your ankles. Look for the higher top shoe and also look for its weight. A lighter shoe will aid a high and stress free jump, therefore go for them.

The next important aspect is the stability of the shoe. The key support points in the shoe are the mid-foot, heel and ankle support. Padding and cushioning is another key feature you should keep in consideration. Good padding will help you have a comfortable jump shots and a swift move.

This game requires much of your stamina. Sweating is therefore an obvious problem. Because you are going to sweat, your shoes should be a little airy so that your feet can breathe. For this purpose, you may select the shoes that have an upper part made of leather, nylon, mesh or any other material that lets some air in and keep you cool.

Lastly, it is all about style and it is all about looking good. You need to have a pair of shoes that are stylish enough to give you a good feeling. There are a lot of shoes displayed on the store, select the ones that suit you best and make you look good.